We offer newly developed compounds with NR and EPDM base, which can be used in rail vehicles as well as in civil engineering. The DragonFlex compounds have convincing dynamic-mechanical behaviour, tear resistance, compression set and the required fire protection properties.

  EPDM T9608 EPDM T9613 EPDM T9616 EPDM T9617
Colour: black black black variable
Hardness Shore A: 60 60 70 70
Density g/cm3: 1.42 1.35 1.46 1.48
EN 45545-2: 2 mm & 6 mm
R22 HL3
R23 HL3
R24 HL3
6 mm
R22 HL3
R23 HL3
R24 HL3
2 mm & 6 mm
R22 HL3
R23 HL3
R24 HL3
2 mm & 6 mm
R22 HL3
R23 HL3
R24 HL3
NF EN 60695-11-10/UL94-V:2013: V-0 @3 mm   V-0 @3 mm  

Natural Rubber NR

Colour: variable
Hardness Shore A: 70
Density g/cm3: 1.48
EN 45545-2: 3 mm
R9 HL1
R9 HL2
NF EN 60695-11-10/UL94-V:2013:  


Elastomer: halogen-free EPDM
Hardness Shore A: 60 to 70 ShA
Crosslinking: sulphur
Processing Method: extrusion with vulcanisation in steam, hot air with UHF, injection moulding, compression and transfer moulding
Application: public transport, building, fire-endangered equipment and cabinets, apparatus engineering


EU EN 45545-2, EN 13501-1 Class B
USA ASTM C1166 (C542)
USA Bombardier SMP 800-C


application example

Halogen free mixture

Compounds offers a newly developed halogen-free compound, the products made from it can be used indoors and outdoors, available from 60 to 70 Shore. If this gets into contact with fire, hardly any combustion gases are produced, and the toxicity is minimal. The fire protection compound is certified according to R22-24 and achieves HL3.

Special natural rubber compound

We offer a special natural rubber compound with the best mechanical and dynamic properties, it meets the requirements of EN45545: R9, HL2. Particularly suitable for the manufacture of vibration control components. The NR compound is available from 50 to 80 Shore.