We have an ideal combination of compounding and production know-how. We offer our customers products from a single source from compound development to the finished profile.
With our modern plants, we are perfectly equipped for sophisticated markets that demand high quality standards and short time spans from development stage to mass production.


Elastomer: depending on specific application, various rubber and FKM compounds
Hardness Shore A: upon wish
Crosslinking: upon wish
Processing Method: discontinous steam vulcanisation
Application: pipe sealing collars, dynamic high-load precision components, inflatable seals, precision round cords in a wide range of elastomers, pre-assembly of special seals and frames
Extruder Diameter: 30 mm to 120 mm with flat-sheet die head
Profile Dimension: 1.5 to 450 mm width
Other remarks: straight vulcanisation up to 18 linear meters length


application example


Manufacturing philosophy - With our longstanding employees and the support of modern technology, we are able to produce small and medium series with the highest quality requirements thanks to discontinuous extrusion.
We extrude profiles from 1.5mm up to 450mm and vulcanise them in our 18m kettles straight or in efficient round boilers.

Profiles in all variations

With our tool manufacture and assembly, we can produce a wide range of shapes and variants of seals. We accept every challenge and can adapt our rubber compound according to requirements. We have all the process steps in our hands, from compound production to the finished seal.